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Think of it as a TV antenna for your iPhone or iPad: you can watch all you want without using up your monthly data plan.

EveTV Mobile is a small ipad accessory  that plugs into your device so you can receive Dyle live mobile TV. Dyle provides some local channels in a format that’s mobile-friendly. After you download the EyeTV app and scan for channels, you can watch the KHOU 11 broadcast signal just as you would normal television.



Some upcoming smartphones will be equipped with Dyle, which means you won’t need the EyeTV accessory  or an antenna. Just look for Dyle on the box when you go to make your purchase, and you’re good to go! EyeTV will set you back about $90, but it’s very cool and worth every penny if you’re a big TV watcher.


Amazon.com is one of many retailers that carry it, but it’s sold out right now. The stores should restock soon, which means this could make for a very unique Christmas gift for the tech person who has everything.


Note: the EyeTV Mobile device uses the older Apple connector. This means it is not compatible with the new iPhone 5.

Disclosure: Belo Corp., the parent company of KHOU 11 and KHOU.com, owns an interest in the Dyle mobile TV service.


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