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It is not often that someone will have work on a tablet. However if there is an opportunity, it is better to have a good keyboard like the Dell Studio 1555 Keyboard handy around you. This is more important if you are a writer and writing is the main source of your income. There are many Keyboards around but the one which I most crave for is the ZAGGfolio keyboard/case for iPad.



A recent introduction has caught my fancy and it is the ZAGGkeys Flex keyboard. This keyboard is of excellent quality just like most ZAGG products. I had bought an iPad Mini and was on a lookout for a matching cover and the only place where I could surely get one is the ZAGG website. The Mini 9 is a perfect cover for the iPad Mini.



What appealed most with the Mini 9 is that it features a tough shell case and features a Zagg Keyboard mounted inside. So the iPad Mini is turned into a versatile work horse and I can now work anywhere with the iPad Mini in the Mini 9 case.

There are two different models available for the iPad Mini, the Mini 9 and Mini 7. The Mini 7 is of the size of a small tablet along with a small keyboard to fit the package. The Mini 9 is a little wider than the iPad Mini and has a landscape orientation and leaves space for fitting in a regular sized ZAGG Keyboard.  I preferred to go with the Mini 9 since the keyboard such as HP DV Series DV6-3100 Keyboard  , though small, is perfect and also enables fast touch typing.



The Mini 9 features a clamshell portfolio which holds the iPad Mini and also features a Bluetooth Keyboard on the other side. An arrangement has been made to prop up the iPad Mini at a comfortable viewing angle with a kick stand on the back. The complete unit is covered with a black fabric which resembles leather. The iPad Mini fits into the cover snugly, a little too snugly and it requires some effort to put the device in the cover. However the cover will get looser as time passes.


Once snugly fit in the Mini 9 cover or Laptop Keyboard Cover  , there is absolutely no danger of the iPad Mini falling out of the cover. The two sides of the cover do not snap and there is nothing to hold both together.


The Mini 9 is available at Zagg for $89.99 and though it is not the cheapest Keyboard but still it gets you additional protection to your iPad Mini. It is an investment which will not be regretted.


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