UK COMPUTER ACCESSORIES A4 Tech KL-5 Mini Slim Compact Keyboard

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Our Innovative A4 design team has created the slimmest profile in today's laptop keyboard  market, the A4 Tech KL-5. Mini X Slim keyboard is only 12.6inches in width and 0.60 inches in depth. The USB port allows you to plug and play other USB port devices. This mini slim keyboard features 7 internet hot keys, one-touch keys which allows to search, navigate web pages, select favorites and explore many options which are all required in today's fast paced computing world. This beautiful and cutting edge designed keyboard is a best-match with you ultra thin computer monitor. It's ideal keyboard for a tablet pc or standard PC. This keyboard eliminates the space taking numeric keypad that is usually on the left.


  • A4 Tech Mini Slim Keyboard without Numeric Keypad
  • 7 Hotkeys
  • Laser Engraved Keys
  • Compatible w/ Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/MCE2005/XP(X64)/2003(X64)/Vista IBM and similar systems
  • Includes USB to PS/2 adaptor


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