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This holiday season, think about the businessman or woman in your life and how much they could benefit from something as simple, yet useful as a ipad keyboard or Ipad 2 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case . Have you every tried typing more than an email on the iPad? It is nearly impossible and takes way too long. A keyboard turns your device into a workhorse and we’ve got a few that will make the perfect gift.  


Ipad 2 Built in Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Protetive Case Black


Logitech Bloothooth Easy-Switch Keyboard ($99.99) – If you are a multitasker when it comes to typing with your iPhone, iPad and iMac, then this is the keyboard to beat all others. Using a kill switch technology to let you connect your keyboard with up to three different devices by using  Ipad 2 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case  , this magical gadget will turn you into a time saving machine. Simply connect all three devices by assigning them to each channel on the keyboard and you’re ready to go. We had a hands-on review of the Logitech K810 last month, but the Easy-Switch is specifically designed for iOS and OSX users, including the layout of the Control/Alt/Command keys and the Mission Control quick link.


Komodo iPad iPad2 Elite Leather and Bluetooth Keyboard Case-TTX TECH


ZAGGkeys PRO ($99.99) – The key to a good iPad case is thickness and weight (or, lack thereof). ZAGG offers both in the way of their line of ultra thin keyboard cases (  Ipad 2 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Case  ). The cover connects to your iPad 2, 3, or 4 using magnetic closures to secure it in place. It is made from lightweight aluminum and features an integrated stand so you can display the screen in landscape mode at the optimum viewing angle for typing. For $30 more, you can upgrade to the ZAGGkeys PROPlus, which features backlit keys. You may think that is a frivolous addition, but just wait until you are working on the subway and the car goes dark. That extra bit of light will let you keep typing.


Ipad 2 Built in Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Protetive Case Black


Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio ($129.99) – There is nothing worse than having your keyboard poop out on you while you are in the middle of typing a research paper, especially if you are nowhere near a place to recharge the battery. You’ll never have that problem with Logitech’s Solar Keyboard Folio. This ultra thin, ultra lightweight case features a full keyboard with all the important keyboard shortcuts for your iPad. It also comes with a solar panel so that you never have to charge it. The sturdy, recharging battery lasts as much as two years. It also features a display stand so you can set up your iPad at the perfect viewing angle for typing. I own one of these and it is the best iPad keyboard case I’ve ever used. I highly recommend it.


Ipad 2 Built in Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Leather Protetive Case Black



Luvvitt Aluminum Keyboard Case($99.99) – Depending on your style and eye for design, the Luvvitt Aluminum cover may be more your style. It is also ultra thin and lightweight, but this one has the aluminum look of the backside of your iPad. It is just the keyboard side of a case such as  Komodo iPad/iPad2 Elite Leather and Bluetooth Keyboard Case . You clamp it to your iPad to turn it into a clamshell case. It connects to your iPad via Bluetooth. The best part about this case, besides how thin and light it is, is that users can display their iPads in either portrait or landscape mode. Something that the other cases we’ve mentioned don’t allow. It is available with either white or black keys so you can choose the right keyboard for your iPad.

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