The World’s First Modular Accessory System For The iPhone 4 And 4S

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The Rail Case is precision engineered from aerospace-grade aluminum. Using the latest in machining technologies, its structure is strong and lightweight at only 20 grams; its weight is barely noticeable on the iPhone. It features 2 levels of impact resistance: First, the iPhone is enclosed in a form-fitting, high strength polymer inner frame. Second, the entire assembly snaps directly into the 1-piece (or billet) aerospace aluminum outer case.


Rail_Angle iPhone Case


The Aeris Rail on its own provides sleek styling, ultimate protection and a fully screwless design. It is also the foundation for an array of other attachable accessories such as protective lenses and stands (currently in pre-production) fully compatible with this case.


“The Rail is the foundation of our modular accessory system, we have some amazing accessories in the pipeline and I am extremely excited for new launches we have planned in the coming months!” Hector Realubit – Creative Director
The Rail is available in a wide variety of anodized colors to suit any personality. Its screwless locking mechanism allows for simple installation and fast removal to easily personalize your device with added attachments or a quick color swap to match your mood or style. ]


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