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The HTC VIVID is one of At&t’s first LTE 4G smart phones, it packs in super powers that other phones only wish they could complete with. Inside this amazing new phone is a 1.2 GHz dual core processor that is so powerful it could run an entire country. When you add in the super fast data speeds, 1080p video recording and 4.5 inch qHD touch screen you end up with the best smart phone known to man. If you own this world renowned smart phone you may want to keep it safe and ready at all times, and we have just theHTC Vivid accessories you’ll need to make that happen. Let’s take a look at some of the best shall we!

Starting in the ready department with chargers, and data cables is always a good place to begin. When it is time to sync your HTC Vivid with your computer or laptop the easiest way to manage it, is with this HTC Micro USB Sync and Charge cable. This simple and to the point micro USB cable measures in at a perfect 4 feet 1 inch and can easily charge your HTC Vivid and or sync it with the computer you connect it to. Charging with a micro USB cable has never been easier with this HTC USB Travel Charger either. With this small and easy to stow charging adapter getting the power you need has never been easier. Simply connect a compatible USB cable into the charging adapter and into your phone and your good to go. This charging adapter, given the right cable can charge most any mobile device. A familiar combination of these to OEM charging options can be had here, with the HTC Travel Adapter with Micro-USB Data Cable. Either way we have all the very best charging and syncing options you may need right here in our huge selection of HTC Vivid accessories.

Next on the list is protection. With a super phone like the HTC Vivid, keeping it in one piece is not only a good idea but an investment into the future. That is why we provide an endless array of different HTC Vivid cases and covers. Here you can easily find your style, size, fit and feel for that perfect protective case option you have been searching for. Take this Ballistic HTC Vivid Shell Gel Case for example, this case offers up three layers of protection with a soft silicon inner layer to absorb most drop shock, an additional polycarbonate plastic outer layer that is embedded with a softer more shock absorbent material. With much attention to the corners, your HTC Vivid will always be safe, even when dropped from the highest of heights. The HTC Vivid OtterboxCommuter series cases are also extremely protective and add a minimal amount of additional weight and bulk. The Commuter series case offers up an inner silicone layer, as well as a polycarbonate plastic outer shell, to make a perfectly lightweight, highly durable case option. For more heavy duty protection the HTC Vivid Otterbox Defender case will do.

The Defender case from Otterbox for the HTC Vivid is a multi layer case option for those in dangerous environments. It sports an inner protector case with built in screen protector that is wrapped with a high density silicone material. It also comes with a heavy duty optional holster belt clip that can also double as a viewing stand. When it’s time to protect your HTV Vivid, we have you covered…literally!

With all these and many, many more HTC Vivid accessory options you can find all you need in one easy to use and affordable location. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, be sure to contact us.

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