The evaluation of Sony Ericsson SK17i

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Sony Ericsson T618′s brilliant from the initial to the peak of the K750, and then to shift LT15i today, every step leaves a deep impression to the customer, and can even be said to affect the entire mobile phone industry. This SK17i today is not the flagship model, but enough to show that contact in the Android market have been getting better.The screen of the Sony Ericsson SK17i is bigger than the U20i , which has a screen resolution higher than U20i, with the front camera support self-time and accessories r. The flat capacitive touch screen, clarity of function keys, the clever design of the arc-shaped handset, Sony Ericsson SK17i positive people shines.


Around the body with a strong flavor of Sony Ericsson. Machine the top of the microUSB port, 3.5 mm headphone jack ornaments hole in the bottom of the machine, the right of the volume keys, camera key, the back of the left side of the groove, it seems nothing special, but in actual use, we can feel every design detail and thoughtful.

Test results be regarded as expected, just Quadrant Advanced, and neocore running sub-results is high, but we should be clear, the Ericsson SK17i the screen resolution HVGA level, and processor speeds up to 1GHz level, 512MBRAM, 320MB body memory, so will results.


Has just been mentioned, Sony Ericsson SK17i is equipped with a 5 million pixel camera. Simply by looking at this parameter is not high-end Sony Ericsson play to the strengths of their own image, integrated a very rich application for the SK17i.Including the automatic choice of scene, the camera before and after the switching time taking pictures, automatic flash, image stabilization, touch focus … these are harbingers of the Sony Ericsson SK17i camera features extraordinary.

Finally, we look at the data transmission speed of Sony Ericsson SK17i . Select a 208MB size independent video files, to completely transfer takes 56 seconds (3.71MB / s); and a 556 folder 3303 fragmented files 697MB compressed package, took 2 minutes and 59 seconds (3.89 MB / s) transmission speed in the past products is a superior.So under normal circumstances, the Sony vgp-bps13a/s battery standby time is enough.

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