The best way to Fix a Dell XPS L502X (Backlight) Keyboard

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To ensure that your Dell XPS L502X (Backlight) Keyboard  isn't working appreciate it should? Whether your keyboard problem resulted from liquid spill, a difficult bump, otherwise you simply tried on the extender, you don't need to concern yourself with buying and selling in the new laptop, you'll be able to fix your keyboard difficulties with a simple swap. The positive thing is the fact that fixing a Toshiba keyboard does not take much technical skill. Really, Toshiba keyboards are the easiest laptops to fix.


Dell XPS L502X (Backlight) Keyboard Replacement Brand New US Layout

Get rid of the bezel approximately the Dell XPS L502X (Backlight) Keyboard  . You will see a container strip of plastic situated approximately the laptop keyboard. This strip is called laptop keyboards bezel and you also remove it by gently spying the benefit tabs on your small standard screwdriver. Stop by the bezel lifting it on the way. The bezel can be a snap in unit so make certain to become gentle, while you discover.

Get rid of the Dell Keyboard   screws. While using bezel removed, you will find three or four screws near the top of laptop keyboards. Utilizing your small Philips mind screwdriver, remove these screws and set these questions rut in which you will not lose them.

Get rid of the keyboard. While using screws removed, gently lift  Dell XPS L502X (Backlight) Keyboard   completely through. You will see a ribbon of wires connected within the keyboard for the laptop. Lean laptop keyboards forward to actually have the ribbon wire connection.

Get rid of the ribbon wire. Take your standard screwdriver and gently push-in the bracket locks on sides in the ribbon wire socket. These bracket locks slide up slightly when you push to create the wire.

Connect the choice keyboard. Exactly like you removed the old keyboard, you'll now push the ribbon wire within you alternative to the ribbon socket. While using small screwdriver, push the brackets to place to secure the ribbon.

Screw the choice keyboard to place. One screw, attach laptop keyboards. While using keyboard held in place with the single screw, start laptop computer and check out the alternative keyboard. Once examined, replace the relaxation from the screws.

Put the bezel within the Dell XPS Keyboard  . While using keyboard now guaranteed by all of the screws, place the bezel retrace its opening and snap it to place. Start at one finish and are available across.

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