The 10 Best laptop and tablet cases

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1. Apptivity iPad


Small children are drawn to iPads like filings to a magnet and now, with the help of this case from Fisher Price, they can play away without worrying you half to death. The Apptivity clothes your machine in white rubber and a clear, water-resistant film protects the screen but still allows you to use the touch control. Accompanying "Laugh & Learn" apps are available for free to download from iTunes when you buy the cover.

2. Modern Lights for iPad


A tea cosy-style tablet sleeve which borrows its form from an olde worlde newspaper. Its soft padding gives protection from scratches and light bumps.

3. Kindle Slim Sleeve


These stylish crocodile-look leather cases, with their cushioned velveteen interiors, are a great way to perk up your new Kindle – as well as protecting it from scratches.

4. Dicota DataDesk (14.1")


This isn't so much a bag as a fold-out desk. Its aluminium shell has room not just for a laptop but a printer and mounds of paperwork, too. There's also a single power socket for both printer and laptop and storage space for accompanying cables.

5. Totem Laptop Bag from Herschel (15")


If your computer bag is groaning with papers, pens and other assorted ephemera, you'll want to check out this creation from Herschel. Its pockets seem to go on for ever – there are two at the front and numerous ones within.

6. Philips HeatProtect Laptop (10")


Most of us have been there. You're on a train or coach without a table and you need to do some work, so you put your computer on your knees – cue some very sweaty legs. You don't need to worry about that with this heat-deflecting fold-out cover-cum-desk though.

7. Extreme Sleeve for Laptops and MacBooks


The Extreme Sleeve was dropped from the edge of space – a height of 100,000ft – during its product testing. Not only did the sleeve survive intact, the iPad inside was also recovered in full working order. Protection doesn't come much sturdier than that.

8. Lincoln Laptop Bag (15")


Cool and convenient, this carry case is made of lightweight, waterproof waxed canvas, so it will bat off whatever the weather flings your way. It also has a unique "If Lost" tracking code, which links the owner to the bag.

9. Ted Baker Typewriter Laptop (13")


The vintage cover pattern, and fine Ted Baker detailing, make this one very stylish carry case – and at a competitive price, too. Perfect for the man about town.

10. SeeThru 15" Notebook (15")


This clip-on case gives crustacean-like levels of protection for your notebook. It's made of a shatter-proof polycarbonate and snaps onto your notebook in two separate pieces for easy opening. Ventilation slots prevent any overheating and rubber feet ensure it fully grips any surface it is on.


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