Sony Vaio E17 Series Laptop Review

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In 2012 Sony released a number of exciting products, most of which were mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and to less of a buzz laptops. It is a sign of the times that consumer get more excited about something that fits in their pocket than rests on their lap, however we are not yet at the stage where a device with a screen less than 6-inches in size can be used for real work. Laptops are here to stay for now, and in 2012 Sony released the VAIO E Series 17 ( Sony Keyboard Cover ), a gigantic beast of a laptop which looks remarkably out of place sat next to the thin and light Ultrabooks which command hefty price tags for modern features, Intel branding and classy designs. Whilst it may look out of place in today’s world of super slick devices and thin tablet computers, though, this kind of laptop does have its niche. Let’s take a look at what the Sony E Series 17 has to offer consumers and whether this laptop is worth your hard earned cash.


The VAIO E Series 17  ( Sony Keyboard Cover ) is a substantial piece of technology. With a 17-inch display (more on that later), portability is not something which shines through with this laptop, and it is also 35mm thick making it not just huge, but fat too. This however should be fine, as if you are in the market for a 17-inch laptop, my guess is that portability is not on your shopping list. Just bear in mind that to carry this thing around, you will need a substantial laptop bag.

Available in either black or white, the E Series features an all matte plastic chassis which whilst cheap, is well put together with little flex in the lid nor creaks from underneath. Whilst it is well built however it will not survive a drop to the floor due to its heftiness.


Powering the VAIO E Series 17 are a number of options: you can have an Intel Pentium 2020M 2.40GHz processor, Intel Core i3-3120M 2.5GHz processor, Intel Core i5-3230M 2.6GHz processor or range topping Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.2GHz processor and comapct Laptop Keyboard  . All of these apart from the Pentium processor are modern and fully capable of delivering snappy performance. With some processors you get integrated graphics whilst with higher spec ones you can opt for dedicated AMD Radeon GPU’s. Storage wise you get a 320GB HDD as standard and can go as far as opting for a 1 TB HDD. RAM as standard is 4GB with a maximum of 8GB. These internals make for great configuration and a snappy performer.


The Sony VAIO E Series  ( Sony Keyboard Cover )  is surprisingly versatile. Sony offer multiple screen sizes on this series of laptops which are sure to appeal to all kinds of different consumers. On the E17 version, Sony has made a laptop which is well built with a great screen, with the only bad points being its hefty weight and lackluster battery life. Arguably, laptops like this are meant to sit on a desk or your lap anyway, so if weight is not an issue for you and you love your mains charger, I say go for this laptop. All in all, 17-inch laptop computers do not get much better than this. I recommend the Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 1080p display as upgrades to keep costs down but performance snappy.


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