Rocketfish iPad 2 Keyboard Capsule

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Anyone who has ever used an iPad for an extended period of time will know that although it is a phenomenally useful tool, the onscreen keyboard is pain because (a) it lacks the tactile experience preferred by typists and (b) takes up valuable screen real estate. I am not a natural touch typist either so I often end up with the letter ‘n’ where there should actually be a ‘space’. As a result an external keyboard is a sound investment in this instance.

There are literally hundreds of Bluetooth keyboards available and I picked up the Rocketfish capsule for just £11 (about $17 USD at current rates including postage) second hand from Ebay to prove to myself whether I actually wanted a DELL Latitude E4310 Keyboard  or not.



The photos will immediately reveal two things about the Rocketfish unit; (1) it is massive and (2) it’s ugly. This is not a sleek unit with a lovely appearance, this is a hardcore keyboard case which sheds aesthetics for functionality. For many Apple fans the Rocketfish capsule will be an abomination, but the unit fulfils its role perfectly. The case is sturdy and will protect your iPad from almost everything bar a direct nuclear strike. The DELL Latitude E4310 Keyboard  itself features slightly smaller than normal keys but they are well-spaced making it simple and comfortable to use.



+ Incredible build quality – definitely protects your iPad
+ Great, responsive keyboard with additional function keys for useful tasks like copy and paste
+ Fully compatible with the new iPad too (I know because I checked)
+ Battery lasts weeks between charges
+ Cutouts with rubber ‘plugs’ allowing access to all the iPad’s ports
+ Metal hing mechanism is much more sturdy than some other keyboard cases



+ Very heavy – adds considerable weight to your iPad
+ Size – see the photo which shows how much thicker the case is than an iPad!
+ Ugly
+ Screen angle is not ideal for use on your DELL Latitude E4310 Keyboard  

The Rocketfish is a great, but not perfect, iPad accessory. It has certainly helped prove that I really do need an iPad keyboard for my freelance writing business, but this one may not be the one. The quest continues…

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