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Friends who wear glasses may feel deep winter from the outside into a warm room, the glasses on top of a layer of water vapor, which is condensed water. The notebook is also a reason, especially for the metal shell of the notebook, the opportunity to produce condensate, and produced such as Samsung Laptop Keyboard  more number. In addition to the surface, inside the machine may also be caused by this phenomenon, so you can not underestimate this thin layer of condensed water, this layer of condensed water may be completely hurt the yf976 of the notebook. The condensate can be described as all-pervasive, and exposed to the air are likely to produce condensate, including motherboard, CPU and other important parts of the boot at this time, the consequences can be imagined. 

In winter, the condensate is the most easily neglected a laptop killer, many people pay no attention to the details of the use and placement of notebook will have the notebook will cause devastation. 

In order not to generate the best way of condensate, the first is not to buy a cotton inner bag for notebook notebook too cold, should be targeted. When the laptop in a cold outdoor environment for a long time, once to enter the warmth and humidity of the room must patiently wait for some time, slowly warming package, including  Samsung Laptop Keyboard   , do not immediately use the laptop. Such surface will not be instantaneous temperature difference, so it does not produce the condensate. Many of my friends, if there is no cotton package can also enter the room laptop backpack to open a small hole to allow air circulation about slowly warming, as long as it does not produce significant temperature difference there will be no condensation of water. 

Ruthless - Improper use of batteries 
Careful laptop user like usually when batteries are not like the battery from the machine off to avoid battery recharged affect battery life, but also reduce the notebook component. The author recommends that you'd better not save for your data security to your laptop, the best battery safety back to the notebook, or would the loss of data will be "ruthless". In fact, this approach makes more harm than good. Battery installed on the machine and not so many problems, the battery using lithium-ion batteries, ev12 memory effect is very small, the other inside the battery mostly with a smart chip, this chip can not only control the battery charge to detect  Samsung Laptop Keyboard   needs to be charged, generally only the power will start charging less than 90% to 95%, so the usual battery on the laptop and not always in a state of charge.

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