Replace a COMPAQ Presario CQ71 Keyboard

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Laptop keyboards are simple to break. A leaking mug of coffee or perhaps a single damaged key could make any keyboard hard to use. A laptop keyboard is more prone to break compared to keyboard on the pc because laptops are frequently moved around. The  Compaq Presario keyboard is extremely affordable to exchange.

Switch off the Compaq Presario and take away all energy sources, such as the battery and AC adapter.

Unscrew the 2 screws that contain the laptop hinge in position. They're situated on the rear of laptops, just over the inputs for that peripheral devices. Open the Compaq Presario display dating back to it'll go. Make use of the flat mind screwdriver to pry from the hinge cover from to left. Be cautious, since the hinge cover continues to be mounted on a number of wiring around the chassis, such as the wire connected using the energy button.

While using Phillips screwdriver, take away the screws that hold laptop keyboards in position. Place the screws inside a rut, since you will need them again when you devote the alternative keyboard.

Lift the COMPAQ Presario CQ71 Keyboard  , bearing in mind that it's still connected to the Compaq Presario chassis. The ribbon connector must be launched in the system board. This can be done by lifting the fastener and thoroughly tugging the ribbon connector from it. Laptop keyboards has become free, and you will install the alternative keyboard.

Put the ribbon connector from the alternative keyboard in to the fastener to secure it towards the system board. Secure the bond by pushing the fastener lower within the finish from the ribbon connector. Screw the alternative keyboard towards the Compaq Presario chassis while using screws that you simply removed earlier. Once the alternative  COMPAQ Presario CQ71 Keyboard   is within, put back the hinge cover by nipping it into position left to right. Close the Compaq Presario display and replace the screws you taken off the rear of laptops hinge.

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