Remove Dell Inspiron N7010 Keyboard and install the repalcement

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1. Turn off your Dell Inspiron N7010 , unplug the powe adater, and remove the battery.

2. Remove the two screws that secure the  Dell Inspiron N7010 Keyboard  to the computer base.

3. Turn the Dell Inspiron Dell Inspiron Keyboard  over and open the display as far as possible

CAUTION: The keycaps on the keyboard are fragile, easily dislodged, and time-consuming to replace. Be careful when removing and handling the keyboard.

4. Slide a plastic scribe between the keyboard and palm rest, and pry and lift the  Dell Inspiron N7010 Keyboard  to disengage it from the tabs on the palm rest.

5. Ease the keyboard up and slide the five tabs at the bottom of the keyboard out of the slots on the palm rest.

CAUTION: Be extremely careful when removing and handling the keyboard. Failure to do so could result in scratching the display panel.


6. Without pulling hard on the Dell Inspiron N7010 Keyboard and Dell Keyboard Cover  , hold it towards the display.

7. Lift the connector latch and pull the pull-tab to disconnect the keyboard cable from the connector on the system board.
8. Lift the keyboard off the Dell Inspiron 17R (N7010) laptop.

Reverse the procedure to install the replacement. You can find the new Dell Inspiron N7010 Keyboard .

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