No Hope for an Improved Keyboard in the iPhone 5

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Though many already expect animproved iPhone 5, some of the ideas most people have are obviously out of the question. iPhone Rumors claims to have embarked on an inspection of the keyboard for the iPhone 5 on behalf of those who prefer it to the touch screen. However, the keyboard on this new iPhone is hardly expected to change. Nevertheless, anything is possible with the iPhone 5 and Apple might just give keyboard lovers a pleasant surprise. Taking a closer look at the iPhone 4S  , its keyboard is something that many people would not like to feature in the expected iPhone. This could very well mean that the keyboard in iPhone 4S disappointed most of its consumers.



There are still other suggestions for the keyboard including one that caught the eye of most people. This was the laser projected keyboard and its images and videos can easily be accessed online for those who have not had the opportunity to view it. The high technology of today is capable of coming up with such a keyboard as impossible as it may sound.



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iPhone 5


The down side of this is that it would cost far too much for the average consumer. Though an improved keyboard could please iPhone consumers immensely, its looks as though they will have to settle for the current one for now.

One thing is however quite clear according to iPhone users, they expect something thrilling about the iPhone 5. It seems as though the Siri voice assistant and the speak to text features were not exciting enough. iPhone Rumors claim to have experimented with the speak to text and it failed the test.


They claim that out of the ten times they tested it, it did not write what they said seven of those times. The only thing that laptop keyboard lovers can do is to hope and wait for the iPhone 5.


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