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I think an iPad without a Bluetooth keyboard is a very limited device. Typing on screen is a pain. Rather than schlep around a separate keyboard, why not get one that doubles as an iPad cover? Right now I'm using a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and Laptop Keyboard Cover  ,  it's an absolute joy to use. It's a great iPad cover and a great keyboard -- as good a keyboard as is possible with the iPad.



I really liked the ZAGGfolio when I reviewed it a month ago. I noted that it had some awkward key placements. Logitech's keyboard is far more logically designed. It has a Fn key in the bottom-left, where people would expect it, and this key invokes functions on the number keys including search, international keyboard, soft keyboard, mark, cut, copy, paste, and some music player functions.



The lock function is Fn-delete, not (as on the Zaggfolio) an independent key above delete which I hit accidentally all the time. The keys have a great feel to them. Alas, like all iPad keyboards the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover or  Laptop Keyboard Cover   has no forward delete because the iPad doesn't support it. Madness!



A plastic magnetic flap on one long edge of the unit grabs the magnetic edges of the iPad, much as Apple's Smart Cover does. When you clamshell-close the the keyboard/cover and iPad the iPad (as with most cases) locks.


To use the keyboard you can lay the iPad flat, but more likely you will place it in the slot in the Logitech device where it will sit at a comfortable angle as you type. Both landscape and portrait work. In portrait mode the iPad seemed somehow less secure in the slot, but it didn't fall.



One thing I liked about the Zaggfolio was that it was a substantial case that gives the impression it protects the iPad. The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover does not do this; like the Smart Cover it protects the screen, but back cover of the unit is exposed completely. The combination still feels good in your hand.



Accessories like this are one reason to prefer an iPad to an Android tablet. Few of the Android tablets -- with the possible exception of the Amazon Kindle Fire -- have enough volume to justify quality 3rd party accessories such as  Laptop Keyboard Cover  . Logitech does make keyboard cases for Android (including one specific to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) but the selection will never be the same.

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