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EVER SINCE Apple launched the first Ipad we've certainly seen an influx of peripherals dedicated to serving the tablet pioneer. Even the most unassuming shops stock cases and covers for the Ipad, in a variety of colours and designs.

As a result, there aren't that many Ipad users around that don't pamper their Apple tablets with some sort of add-on Compatible Parts  such as a protective sleeve. At £500 a pop, it's not surprising that they want to keep their beloved poke-pads safe and sound.

One firm that does well in this area is Swiss hardware maker   . Specialising in computer accessories for over 30 years, Logitech has long been a leading vendor of such peripherals as mice and keyboards among a variety of other things. Today Logitech is still going strong, with an extensive catalogue of extras and add-on gadgets for many personal computers and mobile devices.

Back in May, the firm released an accessory  for the Apple Ipad that was unique among others on the market - the Solar Keyboard Folio.



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The Solar Keyboard Folio like the HP DV Series DV7 Keyboard   is an energy-efficient, protective book-style keyboard case for the Ipad and at £119, it's not the cheapest out there, but it certainly looks suave.

The onboard solar cells power an internal battery so the keyboard  like the HP DV Series DV7 Keyboard  can be used via Bluetooth without the need for an additional cable and give it that added "ooh" factor.


More about how the solar panels work later. For now, we'll stick to the Folio's design.

A downside to the design of Logitech 's Solar Folio is the faux leather exterior and faux suede interior. At £119, there should be no 'faux' about it. However, despite not smelling like cow skin, the Folio does have a lovely premium feel to it, and at least Logitech isn't offending the vegan demographic of its Apple fanboi and fangrrl customer base.

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When closed, the Folio doesn't add too much weight or bulkiness overall and remains rather slimline, making the Ipad about double the thickness compared to when its bare naked metal is out for all to see.


However, there is a lack of a lock when the Compatible Part  is closed. This means that when folded up in a bag, the Folio has a tendency to open up a little, thus turning the Ipad screen on and consuming some precious battery power. Strangely, the Folio's packaging has a magnetic closing feature, which baffled us. Did it accidently put this magnetic lock on the box instead of the Folio?

logitech folio case-6

Nevertheless, Logitech did remember to put small holes in the case exterior where the Ipad's speaker sits, reminding us how good the firm is at attention to detail. There's also a cut-out for the camera so snapshots taken with the Folio installed aren't blacked out.

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