Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2

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Logitech’s keyboard case for the iPad 2 is not a new product, but it’s worth reviewing as it’s quite suitable for both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. Both tablets can fit face-down into the top of the laptop keyboard  , to turn it into a case, or they can be slotted into a groove above the keys for use as a keyboard. When you arrange the devices this way, the whole unit essentially becomes a netbook-sized laptop that runs iOS.

The iPad connects to the keyboard via Bluetooth, and it’s relatively easy to set up – turn both devices on, select Bluetooth in the iPad’s settings, and hit ‘connect’ on both devices at roughly the same time. The Compatible Parts  - keyboard case has its own rechargable battery, which charges from a USB port on a PC or Mac, and won’t leech battery life from the iPad.

If you already have this case and are thinking about upgrading to the iPad 3, fear not: you don’t have to buy a new case. The new iPad fits just fine, even though it’s slightly thicker than its predecessor. The only real problem is that the iPad 3 is heavier, so if you’re trying to type on an uneven surface – like your lap – the whole setup is more likely to tip backwards off your knees and fall on the floor. It’s not designed for the iPad 3 – it just happens to work with it.

The travel in the keys is a little shallow when typing, meaning that if you’re writing for long stretches of time, the tips of your fingers are eventually going to start to hurt. However, given the small form factor, it’s not much of a complaint.

If you’re a frequent traveller, a  laptop keyboard  case combo could work out well for you. It’s lightweight, inexpensive and easy to set up – and you don’t have to lug around a laptop.

Logitech is distributed in New Zealand by Synnex, Ingram Micro, Dove Electronics, and PB Technologies.

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