Lenovo reveals the thin and streamlined ThinkPad T431s

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Today at the Engadget Expand event held in San Francisco, Lenovo announced its new ThinkPad T431s laptop . This is an update to the company's already available T series of laptaps. The new laptops features a 14-inch screen and compact keyboard like the Lenovo Thinkpad T520i Keyboard   and will be released in April with prices starting at $949.


Not to veer too far from what's it's known for, the new 14-inch laptop looks like a Lenovo ThinkPad: It's (graphite) black, and there's a red button nub in the middle of the IBM Keyboard  for navigating; however, there are a few changes of note.



At 3.5 pounds, the new laptop is lighter than the previous iteration, a change no doubt made possible by Lenovo's removal of the optical drive form the line. There is however support for terabyte hard drives.


The T431s is thinner than previous iterations and supports a 180-degree drop-down hinge capability. Which simply allows you to open the laptop and lay it flat against a wall. The touch-pad buttons are now much sleeker and streamlined, looking more like touch areas than actual buttons.


Lenovo says the laptop will also close more securely and allow users to customize how function keys work on the Laptop Keyboard : giving you the choice to use the "FN" button or simply access them directly.


The T431s will support 4G LTE and 3G and Lenovo also hinted that a 12-inch version of the laptop would be released at a future date. Look for the new 14-inch T431s in April, with prices starting at $949.


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