Laptop accessory - Toshiba Satellite L730 Keyboard Cover

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This Keyboard Cover Feature:

1. 100% Brand New  Toshiba Satellite L730 Keyboard Cover
2. Waterproof and dustproof, protect your laptop against spills, dust,and other contaminants
3. Removable and washable, the free cleaning without affecting the effectiveness of their use
4. Material: High Quality Silicone
5. Dimension: Due to your Laptop model
6. Version: Apply to US Layout Keyboard



Special Notes: Our Protector is For US Type Toshiba Keyboard  ( NOT Europe Type)
you can distinguish:
>>;US TYPE: "Enter" key is a rectangle , like normal key
>>;EU TYPE: "Enter" key is like "7" , shape not like other key




Toshiba Keyboard Cover  x1.

This Keyboard Cover Compatible With

Toshiba Satellite L600/L600D/L630/L635/L645/C600D/L700/L730


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