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Jorno folding Bluetooth keyboard

Jorno: $79 and up

Since winning a 2011 CES Innovations Award for their prototype almost two years ago, the team at Jorno has worked tirelessly to make their uniquely designed mobile accessory  a reality. Of course, other full-size keyboards have come down the pike, folding once or even twice. But this touch typing tool folds five ways, down to a 3 1/2-inch square just over an inch thick, more compact than all of them. And with a little help, it may come to fruition this spring.


Made from metals and premium plastic resins, Jorno features a standard layout and proprietary key mechanism designed to replicate a laptop keyboard  experience. It comes with a detachable cradle that can stably hold your smartphone or tablet in either  landscape or portrait orientation. In addition to Android, iOS, Symbian and WebOS mobile devices, it'll work with Mac and Windows desktops. With normal usage, it claims to be able to go one month on a full charge.


If this innovative product seems like just your type, now would be a good time to lock in a good deal. As of this writing, it's approximately 18.17 percent of the way towards its Kickstarter goal. But after next month when it's been funded, the retail will pop up 50 percent to $119.


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