Laptop Accessory-How to Replace Lenovo Ideapad V570C LCD Video Cable

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Remove the LCD unit from the computer and disassemble the LCD unit and Lenovo Keyboard Cover . You can refer to How to Replace Lenovo V570C LCD hinges.


1. Lift the screen as shown.

2. Unplug the video cable from the screen.

3. Tear the tape holding the LCD cable on the cover.

4. Remove the Unplug the small connector of the LCD cable, you can remove the Lenovo V570C LCD Video cable now.

Reverse the procedure to install you new Lenovo V570C LCD Video cable.


We Supply these parts for Lenovo V570C laptop:

Lenovo Ideapad V570C (Black Frame) Keyboard

Lenovo V570C CPU fan

Lenovo V570C Battery

Lenovo V570C LCD Cable

Lenovo V570C LCD Hinges

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