Laptop accessory-How to Remove the Back Cover on a Sony Vaio VGN NW Series

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Unlike other laptops, when you remove the back cover of the Sony Vaio VGN NW Series , you have access only to the RAM and the Wi-Fi card. To access the hard drive, DVD/CD device or motherboard on this model, you have to disassemble everything from the top of the bottom assembly. To remove the entire plastic back cover and  Sony Vaio VGN NW Series Keyboard Protector Skin Cover US Layout  , you have to remove the screws from the upper side of the motherboard.


  1. Disconnect the laptop from the power outlet and remove the battery. Read through your computer manual to review the disassembly process.

  2. Turn the laptop over and remove all the screws from the bottom plastic cover and  Sony Vaio VGN NW Series Keyboard Protector Skin Cover . The small plastic covers will come off. Set these aside.
  3. Remove the RAM to keep it safe from being scratched. Press the RAM slot levers slightly outward with your thumb and ring finger until the RAM pops out at a 45-degree angle. Set these small cards in a safe place.
  4. Turn the computer right-side up and open the screen. Push the laptop keyboard tabs, located along the top edge, with the edge of a precision flat-blade screwdriver. Pull the keyboard up from the top edge nearest the screen. Gently lift the clip holding the keyboard data cable to the motherboard and gently pull out the cable. Remove the upper case screws next to the touchpad. You'll see these after you remove the laptop keyboard .
  5.  Start from the back corner and gently lift the protective upper plastic cover. Pry it up with a precision flat-blade screwdriver. Work your way around the plate until it comes off the bottom plastic assembly. Gently lift the connector that holds the touch pad data cable. Expect it to lift only a few millimeters so you can safely pull out the data cable. Set the upper assembly aside.
  6.  Remove the screws holding the hard drive caddy you now see. Do the same for the wireless card and the DVD writer.
  7.  Remove the screws holding the motherboard to the bottom plastic case and gently lift the motherboard free of the bottom plastic assembly.

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