Laptop Accessory-How to Protect a Laptop AC Power Jack

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The AC power jack to your laptop is essentially your laptop's lifeline, and keeping it protected keeps your laptop in use. You only get so much life from your laptop's battery or other Compatible Parts  , so it's important to use the AC jack whenever possible to spare your battery. Using your AC jack may be difficult if you have curious and inconsiderate pets that crave the feeling of the power cord in their mouths. It's not hard to be involved enough with your laptop to notice too late that the cord has been ruined by your furry little roommate, so it's best to know how to protect your laptop's AC power jack with a protective covering.


  1. Put your pets away in another room. Lay your laptop's power jack fully extended on the ground. Unravel the protective covering completely and lay it next to the power jack.

  2. Separate the hook-and-loop sides of the protective covering such as Laptop Keyboard Cover  . The protective covering is one long piece of tough material that is slit down the middle that connects it together, creating a tube.

  3. Set the power cord onto the protective cover and wrap the loop side over the top of the wire. Wrap the hook side on top so the two pieces stick together, enclosing the wire.


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