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If you need to open up your IBM Thinkpad laptop in order to diagnose problems or replace internal parts, you may not know that you need to remove the keyboard to do so. This design feature makes it easy to access the internal components of your computer, but if you've never removed the keyboard such as IBM Thinkpad X Series X200 Keyboard   before, you may not know where to start. The good news is that opening the keyboard on your Thinkpad is an easy process.



  1. Turn off your IBM Thinkpad and remove the AC power adapter from the side of the device. Slide the battery out of its compartment on the underside of the computer.

  2. Close the laptop screen, turn the unit upside down and locate the two screws in the middle of the bottom of the computer that hold the keyboard in place. On some Thinkpad models these screws are marked with two triangle designs next to the screw. On other Thinkpad models they are marked with the design of a keyboard and IBM Keyboard Cover  .

  3. Use your Phillips screwdriver to remove the two keyboard screws and set them aside. Then turn your laptop right-side up and open the screen.

  4. Insert the tip of your flat head screwdriver in the seam between the bottom of the keyboard and the palm rest. Gently pry up on the keyboard to remove it. Be careful, as it is still connected to the computer via a ribbon cable.

  5. Use your fingers to carefully unplug the keyboard ribbon where it connects to the motherboard in the middle of the computer. Your IBM Thinkpad keyboard  is now open.

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