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Hello Kitty -- Macbook Pro Keyboard Decal Sticker Macbook Air Keyboard Decal Apple Mac Vinyl Decal Sticker Cover Skin
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Professional quality, professional design, your Macbook  laptop keyboard  is different with GoodDecal !
Unlimited idea, endless art, you can experience different wonders with GoodDecal !

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Decal Size and Type ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Default size : 13" MacBook Pro  laptop keyboard covers  
Please tell me if you need other size and type when you buy it, the following size and type can be customized.
11" Macbook Air
13" Macbook,
13" Macbook Pro,
13" Macbook Air (new/old)
15" Macbook Pro
17" Macbook

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knowing More about the Decal~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Our finest vinyl decals are made with highest quality transparent vinyl, so that the image blends in with the colour of Macbook perfectly, all the edges and the apple logo cut out are precisely tailored.
2. We use ORIGINAL high-resolution images to create the decals, guaranteed you will NEVER get a pixelated decal from us.
3. All the decals are coated with WATER-PROOF AND SCRATCH-PROOF high glossy protective film. With the brilliant full-colour, ultra-high resolution design, the colour will last long and never fades.
4. It may be applied to any smooth surface. We use removable re-positionable vinyl that's super easy to apply reposition or remove without any sticky residue.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to Use the Decal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Clean your Macbook/iPad/iPhone surface and Compatible Parts  .
2. Peel off the backing paper, carefully position the decal on your clean surface.
3. Use a thin card or flat and firm something to press the decal firmly down.
4. Slowly peel off the adhesive paper on the front until the whole decal is done, that's very easy.

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