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Gadgets are no longer old geek thing, with all the designer and creative accessories  one can create his/her own style statement.These laptop sleeves or covers are fun and creative!



Leather Mac book Case

You can easily use it as base for your Mac and cover it up when done. It works like perfect mat n cover for you.

Voltaic Laptop Case

Designed by Voltaic Systems, this laptop bag can recharge your laptop using solar energy.

Stitched Laptop Sleeve

White keypad stitched laptop sleeve LIKE THE Laptop keyboard cover goes right with any laptop or sleek Mac book.

Owl Laptop Sleeve

13 inches designer sleeve comes with extra pocket. You can try other animal faces as well.

Manila Envelope Sleeve

Comes from Shuky, Australia, this cool laptop sleeve resembles the classic Manila Envelope.

Laptop Backpack

Backpack serves as the protective cover for your laptop and accommodates spare books, folders, etc. Easy to carry and not much of burden to your back.

Knitted Laptop Sleeve

If you are fan of crochet, this knitted laptop sleeve can be right fit for you. Just pamper it with some nice buttons. Well, you got your own style statement!

2d Dimensional Bag

JumpfromPaper shoulder bag has enough room for laptop and actually appears to be 2 dimensional.

Extra Case Sleeve

Made of felt and leather,  it is not only luxurious and holds the laptop  Compatible Parts and accessories together in one secure bundle.

Custom Mac Book Sleeve

Designed by A B Sutton, custom made leather Mac Book case with your own initials. You can choose from different colors.


Girl Power

Cute 10 inch flower printed laptop case, easy to carry and looks attractive.


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