iPhone Accessory-This Tory Burch iPhone 5 Cover Is Quite The Catch

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We may all want to while away the hours prancing from one sample sale to the next, or loading our virtual shopping carts with an entire season’s worth of new duds. Of course, real life (and even realer bank accounts) get in the way. The Goods, our new curated daily feature, delivers one standout steal hand-selected for your quick and easy shopping pleasure. Today’s find: an iphone cover that’ll make you feel far from crabby like the Calculator Silicone Case for Apple Iphone 4/iphone 4s Green  .


Protecting your iPhone from shattering by encasing it in all sorts of rubbery animals has become such a thing in recent years. Moschino makes ducks and bears (oh my), Marc Jacobs does forlorn-looking cats and dogs, and it’s totally common to see neon bunny ears and Hello Kitty bows sticking out above cameras.

We thought we’d seen it all, but one creature we haven’t noticed anywhere else is a lobster, which adorns this pink silicone case . We can’t say that we love everything twee, but when you’re in the mood for whimsy, you can’t beat a crustacean clinging to your cell (for just $45).

Best of all, this scuff- and scratch-repelling cover gets us thinking of lobster rolls and lobster bakes, and that gets us thinking about summer.

For Calculator Silicone Case for Apple Iphone 4/iphone 4s Green

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