iPhone Accessory: Sleekon Photochromatic Case for iPhone 5 Review

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Sleekon is probably a name you haven’t really heard of before, but that’s only because they are still relatively new here in the states. A few months back, they released their first iPhone 5 cases or iphone 4 case  , the Luminous Case which glowed in the dark. Now, they’ve released their second line of cases for the iPhone 5 called the Photochromatic Case. As you can guess from the name, it needs light to activate its special feature, but not just any kind of light. It needs sunlight, specifically UV rays to activate the secondary graphic hidden within.


Design and Usage


The Sleekon Photochromatic case is a basic hard shell snap on  iphone 4 case   very similar to how their Luminous Case was. It’s made from impact resistant polycarbonate and is a slim, 0.8mm thick. There are 8 available though the case is only available in a base white shell. Sleekon sent over their “Whale Dream” and “Elephant Secret” designs for my evaluation as I liked these two designs the best.




First up, let me explain how these cases function. When not in direct sunlight, there is a graphic on the back of the case that just appears to be an ordinary graphic. It appears this way under regular lighting and in the dark. However, once you expose it to UV lighting, specifically that of sunlight, you will begin to see a secondary graphic appear which is augmented to the first. You can literally see it change right before your eyes. What’s neat is that you don’t even need to be in direct sunlight. It will begin to change even if you are standing in the shade, just as long as there is some UV exposure.


It’s a very neat effect and one that makes the Photocromatic Case stand out. In fact, I would say that I like this case even more than the Luminous Case or the Camera Silicone Case for Apple iPhone 4/iPhone 4S   , but that’s also because I’m outdoors more than I am someplace dark.

Let’s talk about fit and finish. The Sleekon Photochromatic Case fits like a glove and snaps onto the iPhone 5 with ease. It stays on securely, but is also quite easy to remove if need be. Like most snap on cases, this one will protect the full rear of the iPhone 5 along with the corners and sides. What it doesn’t protect at the top and bottom edges of the phone or the area right above the volume and mute switch. It does however feature a lay-flat that raised the screen up and placed face down. All buttons and ports are easy to access and the case itself adds almost zero bulk to the overall size of the iPhone 5.

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