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The chest mount delivers a more natural perspective than using a helmet or arm camera mount and has been designed to deliver stable imagery along with giving access to your iOS smartphone. The Miveu-X also features an adjustable ball joint that allows the user to aim the lens towards the action.



However at the moment the Miveu-X photography mount isn’t available as it is a Kickstarter project that has a target goal of $15,000 and as of 10 days ago 81 people have backed the project that is currently sitting at $9,827 and will only be funded if the project hits that $15k mark by the 1st of March.


For those that might be interested in backing the Miveu-X project we have a couple of videos of the photography mount in action for your viewing consideration below, so hit those play buttons and check them out, and if you feel the project is worthy of your backing you can do so by hitting up Kickstarter…enjoy.


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