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One of my mobile heroes, Lisa Brewster, is fond of saying: “The best camera is the one you have with you, especially when it’s connected to the Internet and infinitely adjustable via software.” Though she was likely referring to the Palm Pre, this bit of wisdom holds true no matter what mobile device serves as your Internet-connected, infinitely adjustable camera.

Right now the iPhone is the king of mobile phone photography, spawning the iPhoneography portmanteau. Apple made a lot of shutterbugs happy with the camera upgrades in the 4S — more pixels and a bigger sensor means an even better “best camera” to carry everywhere.


Want to take the iPhone even further than that? With some additional accessories and apps you can turn this device into a mobile photo and video studio.

Snag a more powerful lens, mounting cases or even a sweet mic and you can shoot photos and videos worthy of the pros. Whether you’re a serious mobile photographer looking for the very best kit or a hobbyist just looking for something simple to boost the quality of your everyday shots, you’ll find a great accessory in our roundup.




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