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“Made for iPhone” – now that is certainly a slice of certification that iPhone accessories manufacturers want to see plastered on their wares, as it lends another layer of credibility (and approval from Apple). BiKN’s (pronounced as “beacon”) smart case is one of those accessories, where it merges the functionality of a revolutionary, radio-enabled smart case for the iPhone that is driven by the myBiKN app as well as clip-on tags which ensure users will be able to remain connected as well as search out things that matter the most to them.



Not only is it user-friendly and customizable, special BiKN technology also enables users to find tagged items, and the tagged items too, are able to help locate the user’s iPhone in return – never mind if the phone is dead or is in sleep mode. The group itself is able to create a network within which any of the users’ cases can find each, and is the perfect repartee to the question, “have you seen my iPhone?” Touted to be the first iPhone case with a brain, I guess the answer to a zombie apocalypse is already available – they can just feed off iPhones. BiKN for iPhone will retail for $99.99 a pop, where it nets you the BiKN case, app and a solitary tag.


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