iPhone 4S second iOS 5.0.2 update battery fix delayed?

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iPhone 4S owners are being kept waiting for a permanent fix for their handset’s battery problems due to issues with code in the update, it has been claimed.

Juice problems with the iPhone 4S emerged a matter of days after the phone hit retail, with some user testimonies claiming that they were losing ten per cent of their battery hourly even when the smartie was in standby mode.

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An initial fix, via the iOS 5.0.1 over-the-air software update, was pushed out last week, but only addressed some of the problems affecting the device’s battery longevity.

Apple, which blamed on a timezone bug, did, however, pledge to push out a more comprehensive solution soon in the shape of the imaginatively named iOS 5.0.2 OS bump. Reports in the tech press suggested it was due to land as early this week.

But any hopes that it’ll be along imminently appear to have been dashed today, amid rumours of memory leaks in the code. According to German tech site Macerkopf.de, this has prompted Apple to carry out more tests to avoid having to create yet another update to nix the issue and has delayed the launch of iOS 5.0.2.

If Apple is to believed, when iOS 5.0.2 does finally land it will boost the iPhone 4S’s battery life to offer ten hours of active use.

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