iPad Accessory-Snugg Leather Case for the iPad 3 and 4 Review

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One of the first cases I got for my original iPad 2 was the Snugg Leather Case or New iPad 3 Leopard Leather Case Folio Stand Golden with Wakeup / Sleep Function . One of the main reasons for buying it was its affordable price and seemingly good quality. Well, Snugg has updated this case for use with the iPad 3 and 4. It includes all the same features as the Snugg Leather Case for the iPad Mini that I reviewed here but in a much larger size for Apple’s larger iPad. When comparing it to the older iPad case I had from them, quality seems a bit better and fit and finish seems better as well. It even now includes a much nicer looking brand tag on the inside and makes it look much more upscale.


Design and Usage

Snugg sent me their traditional black Leather Case or New iPad 3 Leopard Leather Case Folio Stand Golden with Wakeup / Sleep Function , though it is available in a wide range of different colors to suit your particular style choice. The case itself is made from leather while the interior of the case is lined with premium nubuk fibers. Nubuk is kind of like suede but is created from the outer side of leather hide instead of the inside. It is very soft, has a velvet-like feel, and is very strong. It lines the entire inside of the case so it will scratch up your iPad.

Like most folio cases, there is a flap on the inside of the case that you open up so you can slip your iPad into it. Unlike other cases however, the flap on the Snugg has Velcro attached to it which means once your iPad is in, you can securely close the flap back in place and it will not slip open over time. The “pocket” where the iPad resides has all the necessary openings for all ports, buttons, and speakers. There is even a camera hole on the rear of the case so you don’t need to take your iPad out to take photos.


Now, there are a few notable extra features on the Snugg Leather case or iPad 3 Case PU Folio Folding Stand with 1 Patch Pocket & 5 Card Slots Black that most other folio cases lack. For starters, the inside cover has a hand strap built in that allows you to securely hold your iPad. It uses an elastic strap so it sits flat when not in use. It’s a great feature for those with slippery hands. Another feature not usually seen is the inclusion of a little loop that allows you to hold a stylus. Not many folios have this so it’s great when you find one that does. Last but not least, you can use the Snugg as a stand for watching videos by propping the cover up and securing it on the little flap on the back of the case.


  • Superior iPad Case by Snugg – Can also combine with the Snugg iPad Car Headrest Mount search ASIN: B0041FP0Z0
  • Automatically Wakes and Puts the iPad 3 to Sleep – From Snugg, The Creators of the Number 1 Best Selling iPad 2 Case
  • Elastic hand strap makes it easier to hold and use the iPad – Great for FaceTime
  • Stylus Loop that can be tucked behind your iPad when not in use so it does not get in the way + Premium nubuck fibre interior + velcro flap to secure iPad tightly in place when in landscape position
  • Camera hole cutout on the back and full access to all iPad ports / connections
Final Thoughts

I really like the Snugg Leather Case. It’s one of the better folio type cases I’ve used that has every feature you’d want in a case. It’s protective, made of premium feeling materials, can work with the iPad auto sleep/wake feature, and it can be used as a stand for viewing videos. As a bonus, it also includes a hand area where you can store a stylus and a hand strap for securely holding your device.


There really isn’t anything not to like about the iPad 3 Case PU Folio Folding Stand with 1 Patch Pocket & 5 Card Slots Black . It’s very well made, affordable, and good looking. Snugg sells their case exclusively on Amazon for $29.99 and you can find it here. It’s also available in several different colors as well.

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