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Whether you have just unwrapped your very first iPad or iPad Mini or you are a seasoned Apple tablet veteran, finding the perfect accessories such as PU Leather Stand Smart Folio Cover For iPad 2/3   can be a challenging (and fun) task. There are so many options ready to unleash so much potential, it can be difficult to know just what to choose.


Fortunately, there are a few of us that have had the chance to try more than or fair share of the good, bad and ugly iPad accessories and we are happy to share our wisdom.


The following are some of  our favorite selections.



Sure, the iPad comes with the means with which to charge it –but there are alternatives, and chances are good you are going to want to supply yourself with some of them.

  • Griffin’s PowerJolt SE – Nothing is more frustrating than being away from home with an iPad in desperate need of a charge. Thanks to the PowerJolt SE, you can now get anything with a Lightning connector charging while you are in your vehicle! A durable captive coiled cable and LED power indicator make this handy little accessory  a must-have for any iPad owner.
  • Extension Cable – Nothing drives me more nuts than the standard 3-foot charging cable that comes standard with iDevices. The first thing I ended up doing was buying expensive adapter and extensions and, and, and… until it dawned on me that any USB extension cable (with a male to female end) would do the trick; not to mention they are inexpensive, available anywhere computer-related cables are sold and come in just about any length you can dream of.


Sure you can use your fingertips, but there are certain applications that lend themselves well to using a stylus. If you are looking to use your iPad for artistic endeavors or if you take a lot of notes and like the old-school feel of writing them by hand even when you aren’t, consider grabbing a stylus.

  • Applydea Maglus – Not only does it have a very realistic tip that imitates more familiar writing utensils, the Maglus will magnetically adhere itself to your Smart Cover such as Ipad 3 Pu Leather Knit Pattern Stand Smart Folio Cover when it isn’t in use (making it much more likely you will have it with you at the moment you actually need it).
  • Sensu Brush – Whether you are a seasoned artist or a budding child prodigy (says any parent), the Sensu Brush is a stylus-turned portable artist brush that delivers an authentic painting experience. Beautifully easy to use and responsive against the iPad’s screen, the Sensu Brush is a lovely addition to your arsenal of iPad accessories .

For the New Ipad 3 Pu Leather Knit Pattern Stand Smart Folio Cover BrownFor the New Ipad 3 Pu Leather Knit Pattern Stand Smart Folio Cover Brown


The first time you go to use your iPad in the kitchen as your recipe book or you load up your favorite movie to watch and you can’t quite find the right angle with the limited options your Smart Cover can offer like the

PU Leather Stand Smart Folio Cover For iPad 2/3 , you will understand the value of a good iPad stand.

  • PadPivot – Every so often a product comes along that is so effortlessly elegant that you wonder how nobody thought of it before. The PadPivot is that kind of stand. Whether you have it resting in your lap (with a gentle underbelly curve that will hug your thigh) or steadily on your desk, the PadPivot will pivot and rotate to virtually any comfortable and custom viewing angle.
  • mOna – Looking for something a little different? The mOna iPad stand is exactly what you want. Appearing almost like a set of loving hands to hold your iPad up for easy viewing, the mOna iPad stand features soft silicone grips that can be very easily adjusted (and I love how the red mOna looks with the white iPad).
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