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The iPad has really taken off in the music world, with its ability to send and receive MIDI signals, the support of many popular apps like Garage Band and AmpliTube and a growing number of accessories and peripherals  designed to expand the iPad experience and help musicians do what they want to do: make music.

The Best Piano/Keyboards/MIDI iPad Accessories

Are you looking for a way to hook a MIDI controller up to your iPad? Or perhaps you are looking to get started with a MIDI keyboard that is iPad-compatible. The iPad began supporting MIDI with the iOS 4.3 update, which added internal APIs to help process, send and receive MIDI signals. And there are a number of great apps that can be controlled with a MIDI keyboard, starting with Apple's popular Garage Band app.

The Best Guitar iPad Accessories 

The iPad can make a great companion to the guitar, with many cool apps that can handle amp modelling and work as an effects processor. This can make a great way to practice, especially for those that travel a lot or want an easy way to hook their Guitar into their iPad and jam in any room of the house without lugging a lot of gear around. But the iPad is reaching beyond the practice room, with one cool product from DigiTech that allows the iPad to program a full-fledged effects package.
iPad 2 Classic Magnet Closure Book Style Reversal Folding Stand Folio Case BrowniPad 2 Classic Magnet Closure Book Style Reversal Folding Stand Folio Case Brown

iPad 2 Book Style Reversal Folding Stand Case


The iRig from IK Multimedia allows you to plug your guitar into your iPad and use it as a virtual effects processor and goes hand-in-hand with their AmpliTube app. But how well does it work? We'll take a look at the iRig and uncover whether it belongs in your music collection or if it should stick to collecting dust on a store shelf.

Review: Griffin Stompbox for iShred

The Griffin Stompbox is a great idea, but it is held back by requiring the iShred Live software package. For those who like iShred, the Stompbox can be a great way to control the app, but for those that prefer a different app for amp modeling and effects processing, this accessory is a bit of a dud.
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