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Actor Neha Sharma, who is currently busy shooting for the upcoming comic caper Kya Super Kool Hain Hum, is not really a gadget person, but says that keeps herself updated for a smooth life. In her own words, she is not a ‘techie’, but knows the basics to browse through all kinds of applications and gadgets.

“Nowadays, gadgets are probably the most important things in our life. Without them our everyday life will be really hectic as well as chaotic. But having said that, I am not a gadget person at all. But what I do is keep myself updated with the whole process and how to go about them. Otherwise browsing through tablets will become problematic, as one need to do the updates, downloads, software and many more applications. So having the knowledge about it makes your life much easier,” explains Neha.

For any gadgets, accessories are an integral part of them. “I love the accessories part. I like checking them out and buying them as well. I have these beautiful, coloured Macbook covers. I believe they simply enhance the total outlook of the product. It makes them look much better. So, they are a must have. Furthermore there so many kinds of accessories – one for your phone, one for your tablet, laptop…” she says.

Lastly, Neha adds that in spite of not being a gadget person, she can’t live without her phone. “I can’t imagine going through one day without my phone. I simply can’t live without it! And I bet it’s the same for others as well. Our phones are our lifeline, so without them you just feel helpless,” Neha signs off.

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