HP Beats Laptop Review: Pavilion DM4-3170se

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An HP Beats Laptop, as anyone would imagine, has very crisp sound quality. There is moderate bass, just enough to allow for awesome audio quality. A friend of mine who works in music management suggested that I try out the Pavilion DM4-3170 HP Beats laptop which has compact keyboard like the HP Pavilion DV7-6C27CL (Black Frame) Keyboard . He mentioned that he doesn’t even need to plug-in headphones because the sound quality is great. So, I obtained the laptop and began testing. Here are the results:




Being a person that is always on the go, it was very important that the laptop was portable. With a 14-inch display and weight of 4.3 pounds, it sure enough met my expectations. The thinnest measurement of the laptop’s base is 0.96″ thick, which nearly meets expectations of an ultrabook which has compact Laptop Keyboard .

Thus far, everything checks out with this laptop being completely portable. It’s a laptop that will easily slide into your work or school backpack without being an inconvenience.



Just like the beats headphones, the laptop has a completely black design. The only other color on the laptop is red. A beats logo itself on the front and an HP logo inside the laptop’s fold.


The HP Pavilion Keyboard is large and works well. The buttons aren’t tough to press like some laptop keyboards on the market. The trackpad is smooth. Everything checks out in that department.



Speed is an important factor. At $799.00 you would expect a fast laptop and that’s exactly what you’re granted. Its processing unit consists of an Intel Core i5-3210m processor that runs at 2.50GHz. More importantly, the cache on this processor is 32 megabytes large.


I would have preferred DDR3 RAM, but the Beats laptop contains 6 GB of SDRAM. I’m going to guess that HP didn’t have room for the larger DDR3 type RAM. Anyways, the laptop is great for running games and programs. But being that the laptop’s speaker system was created by Beats, this is a great laptop for watching movies or listening to music. Heck, if you obtain the correct software you could produce music.



Audio & Graphics

Yes, I have owned many laptops during my lifetime and the Beats speakers defiantly provide some of the richest audio I have heard. Even my Bose headphones sound better when plugged into the headphone jack. The audio system on this laptop is BEAST.


The graphics are moderate while gaming. An upgrade to the Intel HD Graphics 4000 would surely help improve the frame rate.


Last Thoughts

The HP Beats Laptop boots up extremely fast. From a completely turned-off state, the system booted up within 30 seconds and I could actively begin my work. All the Windows Experience Index numbers were close to the maximum of 7.9 stated on Microsoft’s website. This means that the hardware is near close to the best it could get.

One of the only things I didn’t like about this laptop was the fact it doesn’t support Blu-Ray disks. But that’s really all.


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