How to Use Compaq Presario Keyboard Cover Correctly

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As we know, laptop keyboard  is easily broken. To protect it, many people buy a special Compaq Presario Keyboard Cover  . But they just put the cover on the keyboard and don't pay much attention to the way of using it.


Here we give some advices to use the keyboard correctly.


First, you need to check whether the cover is completely good. In the meanwhile, please make sure the size is the same to your laptop keyboard.


Second, if the cover matches your laptop keyboard very well, you can take the cover out and put it on the laptop keyboard well. Please make sure all the key were covered very well. Only in this way, you can type letters smoothly.


Third, if you often go out and you are afraid that the  Compaq Presario Keyboard Cover  is dropped easily, you can also cut off a number of two-side glues to fix the cover margin to the keyboard. In such a situation, the cover works well though you usually take the laptop keyboard everywhere you go.


Hope the above information is useful. If you have any other suggestion, please share with us.

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