How to Replace Lenovo / IBM Thinkpad X60 X61 Keyboard

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In this guide, the acutal laptop is Lenovo / IBM Thinkpad X61.  The Lenovo Laptop Keyboard  are the same, the disassembly procedure should be similar.

First of all, shut down your Thinkpad X60 / T61. Disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery.

1. Remove four screws securing the  Lenovo Laptop Keyboard   on the bottom of the laptop.

2. Insert a sharp object between the bottom of the keyboard and palm rest and carefully lift up the Thinkpad X60 / T61 keyboard.

3. Lift up the keyboard a little and then detach the connector.

4. Remove the Thinkpad X60 / T61 keyboard.

Reverse the procedure to install your new  Lenovo Laptop Keyboard  .

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