How to Replace Laptop Accessory-Samsung R18 R20 R26 CPU Fan

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In this guide, the actual laptop is Samsung R18P, but the instruction should work on Samsung R18, R20, R23, R25 and R26.

First of all, turn off your Samsung R18P. Disconnect the Compatible Parts  such as AC adapter and remove the battery, then hold down the power button for at lease 20 sec's to drain the residual charge from the system.

1. Now, let's begin. Remove all the screws (20 screws) from the bottom that you can find and store them safe.

2. Pull out the DVD player.

3. You can find two screws under the DVD player , remove these two screws.

4. Remove wireless card slot. This picture 4 was taken after the bottom cover is removed. But you can take it out now.

5. Remove the hard disk cover  and memory card cover and Laptop Keyboard Cover  , then take out the Compatible Parts  like  hard disk and memory card. And unplug the video cable connector, you need to rotate the connector firstly.

6. Pry the hinges over slightly.

7. Open your Samsung R18P as far as possible.

8. Unlock the three clips as showing in the picture. Lift the keyboard but don't remove it.

9. Now, you can access the Laptop Keyboard  cable and touchpad cable, upplug them, but please be careful. You need to unlock the connectors on the motherboard firstly.

10. Remove the four screws showing in the picture.

11. Pry up the center cover and remove it. Unplug the left and right cables indicated by the red rectangles and remove them. The left cable is just the one you have unplugged the other connector on the computer back.  Then remove the screws securing the hinges .

12. Now, remove the LCD assembly. You can work with the computer base only.

13. Remove the cover of the base.

14. Remove the four screws securing the motherboard, unplug the speaker cable, now, you can remove the motherboard.

15. Turn over the motherboard, you can acess the Samsung R18P CPU fan. Remove the six screws and unplug the fan cable.

16. Now, you can remove the Samsung R18P fan. Reverse the procedure to install your new Samsung R18 fan.

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