How to Replace a Samsung N Series N150 (White) Keyboard

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As with most other modern laptops, the Samsung N Series N150 (White) Keyboard   is relatively fragile. A liquid spill or buildup of dust and grit can make your laptop keyboard stop working. If the laptop keyboard stops working properly, you will not be able to type anything--making many features useless. Fortunately, a replacement keyboard is quite affordable, and nearly anyone can replace an Samsung N Series N150 Keyboard with just a few tools and about 15 minutes.

Turn off the power to your Samsung N Series N150 laptop and remove the battery and AC adapter. Make sure you are working in a dry, well-lit workspace that has a level surface. Open the display as far as it will go so that you have access to the hinge cover. Using the flat-head screwdriver, pry open the laptop hinge from left to right. Go slowly to avoid breaking the hinge cover. Set the hinge cover aside.

Remove the screws holding the  Samsung N Series N150 (White) Keyboard    chassis using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Be sure to put the screws safely aside. You will need them to reinstall the replacement keyboard.

Lift the laptop keyboard out of the Samsung N Series N150 base carefully. The keyboard is still attached to the chassis through the motherboard connector and the ribbon cable so you can't remove it completely just yet. Disconnect the connector by carefully lifting up the fastener with your fingernail. Then you can remove the cable connector and the keyboard completely.

Samsung N Series N150 (White) Keyboard Replacement Brand New US Layout
Attach the replacement  Samsung N Series N150 (White) Keyboard    to the motherboard by inserting the connector into the fastener and pushing it down into place. Set the replacement keyboard into the Samsung N Series N150 base. Using the screws you removed in Step 2, attach the replacement keyboard to the chassis. Then pop the hinge cover back into place by lining it up left the right. Turn the Samsung N Series N150 on and test the new keyboard to make sure it's working.

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