How to Repair an IBM Thinkpad T410S Keyboard When Water Spilled in Keyboard

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Unlike a desktop keyboard, the one in a laptop is located directly above the computer itself and all the sensitive hardware therein. While there's a lot that can go wrong with a laptop keyboard, the most common problems are relatively easy to fix. Here's how to repair your IBM Thinkpad T410S Keyboard  when it fails to work due to spilled water, particles of debris or broken keys


If the spilling of water on your keyboard didn't cause your  IBM Thinkpad T410S Keyboard   to shut off, shut it off now. The water that is in your keyboard could still come in contact with electronic areas and short the computer. Saving your programs and shutting down will prevent any possible damage to electronics or the loss of any data through a sudden shutdown.

Carefully drain the IBM Keyboard  of any sloshing water by tipping it upside-down over a towel (using a towel to collect the water will reduce your risk of dropping your laptop on a hard surface). Do not shake the computer, but shift it gently to move the water out through the cracks between the keys

Dry the remaining water in the computer using a hair dryer with a "cool" setting (do not use a hot dryer so as to avoid melting damage to any plastic parts).

Wait a day or two before turning the laptop on to make sure it is completely dry. Water spilled on a laptop keyboard such as Acer Aspire 3650 Keyboard  will not do any permanent damage and the computer will most likely be fine once the water is dry. However, bear in mind that this is not the case if you should spill something like pop or soup on your laptop - in these cases, your hard drive will be fine, but other parts of the computer may be permanently damaged (like the cards or the motherboard).

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