How to Remove / Replace a Compaq Laptop Keyboard

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Now I am going to tell you how to remove or replace a  Compaq Laptop Keyboard  .


1. Please read the laptop manual or maintenance guide if you have before you disassemble the laptop. This file is a universal summary only. Some details may be not the same.


2. Prepare a correct replacement. If you are not sure which one is correct, please contact us, we are glad to help you to choose a correct one.



3. Please turn off your laptop and disconnect the power adapter, and remove the laptop battery.


4. Turn the laptop upside down, remove all the screws securing the keyboard and switch cover. Some laptops don’t have these crews, if so, you can skip this step.


5. Open the laptop as far as possible, then gently pry switch cover using a flat head screwdriver. Remove the switch cover. To some laptops, the switch cover doesn’t need to be removed.


6. Unscrew the screws (if exist) that hold the keyboard in place and push back some plastic tabs.



7. Lift the keyboard and unplug the keyboard cable from the motherboard to remove the Compaq Laptop Keyboard  . There may be a little plastic connector holding the ribbon to the computer. To unlock it, carefully pull up on the two tabs; one located on each corner of the connector. The ribbon cable will now be released.


8. Carefully pull the ribbon out of the connector and remove it along with the entire Acer laptop keyboard.


9. Reverse the above procedure to assemble the new  Compaq Laptop Keyboard  .

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