How to Disassemble Asus A42J and Replace the CPU Fan

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In this guide, the laptop is A42J .


First of all, please turn off you A42J , disconnect the AC adapter and remove the Compatible Part  - battery.  

1. Remove the three screws securing the memory room cover, and remove the Asus Keyboard Cover  .

2. Remove the memory card. Unscrew the four screws securing  the Hard disk bracket. Remove the hard disk bracket and the hard disk.

3. Unscrew the screw holding the DVD driver. Then pull out the DVD driver.

4. Remove all the screws shown in the picture.

5. Turn over the A42J , and open it as far as possible. There are six clips on the left and right side. Pry them by your fingernail or other flat tool.  

6. Lift the Asus A Series A42J Keyboard   or turn over the keyboard from the top edge and put it on the palm rest. Unlock the keyboard cable connector, uplug the keyboard cable and remove the Asus A Series A42J Keyboard    .  

7. Remove the seven secrews and uplug the touchpad cable as shown. Remove the cover from the laptop base.  

8. Remove the six screws securing the left and right hinges. Remove one secrew on the fan and other two screws on the motherboard. Unplug the wireless LAN module antenna, and unplug the LCD cable, unplug the speaker cable. Now, you can remove the motherboard.  

9. Turn over the  Compatible Part  - motherboard, tear off the black tape on the surface of the fan.  

Now, you can install you newA42J fan .

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