How to Create A Keyboard Shortcut To Open PC Settings In Windows 8

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We are all well aware of how to open and deal with the  Compatible Parts  settings in most Windows. In Windows 8, we have these settings located in two places. One is the PC settings and the second one is the Control Panel, these both together cover all major aspects of a computer that need to be dealt with by the user.


Keyboard Shortcut for PC settings

The Control Panel allows you to perform a number of actions. These include launching language settings, troubleshooting tools, mouse settings, device manager and power settings. All these are easily accessible. Another thing that you can do in Windows 8 is to configure a picture password. This is a unique feature. To do so you need to initially create a PIN, launch Reset and then Refresh PC. You then have to personalize Start & logon screen followed by opening the PC settings.


All the settings can be launched directly from the Start screen as well but in order to configure some new settings the user has to open the PC settings. Control Panel, as we all know can be accessed easily from the Desktop, the PC settings however require a little work from the user’s end. To change PC settings the user has to move the cursor to the top right of the screen and activate the Charms bar. The settings of this bar need to be opened and then the user is required to click on change PC settings.


However, you can create a keyboard shortcut like Asus K Series K50ZE Keyboard  to open the PC settings if you’re a keyboard addict and not too fond of using the mouse too frequently. For this you need to perform the steps given below that will enable you to create a hotkey for opening the PC settings directly from the keyboard in Windows 8. Given below are 5 steps that you need to follow:


Step 1: For your first step, download the PC settings zip file . Extract it onto your Desktop and you will get a PC_Settings.exe file.

Step 2: Now you have the file extracted. Right click on the exe file that is available to you now and click on Create Shortcut. This will make a desktop shortcut for you. But the process is not complete yet.

Keyboard shortcut to open PC Settings Step1

Step 3: A shortcut icon will now appear on your Desktop. Now, right click on this newly created PC_Settings file and click on Properties. 

Create shortcut

Step 4: You will now be assigning the shortcut key. For this you will need to go to the Shortcut key box followed by Shortcut tab. You will now probably be seeing the Properties dialog, enter here a shortcut from your keyboard such as Acer Aspire 7738G Keyboard  that you will like to assign a hotkey to launch PC Settings. Remember that you don’t have to enter the shortcut key but instead press a combination of Ctrl + Alt + the key that you chose. For example Ctrl + Alt +K or Ctrl + Alt + P.

Keyboard shortcut to open PC Settings

Step 5: Now click the Apply button and you are done! You can try out your new hotkey and see for yourself how it works.


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