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Today’s laptops are much more powerful than even the hottest desktop computers of yesterday. They’re also lighter and much more stylish. Many people are opting out of desktop computers altogether and use a laptop for all their computer needs. An informed buyer also will have more success with finding a reasonably-priced laptop and avoiding buyer’s remorse. Read on for tips on how to select a laptop computer that will serve both immediate and future computing needs.

Determine the purpose of the  laptop keyboard , not limited to gaming, multimedia, Web surfing, financial management, and communication. Decide if the laptop will serve as the primary home computer much like a desktop PC or function as a highly mobile companion, or somewhere in-between. Rule out laptop computers bearing too much weight, bulk or insufficient screen size.


This is the core program that runs the computer, be it Windows, Mac or Linux. Most software titles are Windows’ compatible, which makes it a preferred operating system for novices. Mac garners a large following and can be more user-friendly and have few software limitations. Linux offers security and cost benefits, but generally suits a more niche and experienced market.


Commit some time to better understand what laptop components to buy rather than relying solely on retailer advice, particularly if the  laptop keyboard is limited. The laptop essentials include the processor, computer memory or RAM, hard drive space, video card and video card memory, screen size and network capabilities. Also, compare the battery life among selected laptop models. See the Tips section for more options ranging from Bluetooth to portable flash memory.

Pick up the laptops at the store. Choose one that feels sturdy, solid and not too heavy. Try the laptop keyboard . Since you can’t replace it (except with the exact same item), make sure you’re comfortable with its touch and responsiveness. Test it on a desk and on your lap. Test the pointing device, track pad or track ball, the laptop alternatives to a mouse.


Buy a laptop computer from an established retailer, one that provides an adequate warranty, clear return policy and sufficient customer and technical support.

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