Fix a Lenovo G Series G455 Keyboard Key

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Lenovo laptops have integrated keyboards that make for easy computing but difficult replacement. When a key falls off of a Lenovo G Series G455 laptop, you cannot simply switch the Lenovo G Series G455 Keyboard  ut for one with functional keys. Therefore, knowing how to fix a key that falls off is an important skill for Dell laptop owners.

Gather the parts of the key that fell off. A laptop key is made up of the key itself, called the key cap, and a couple of small plastic structures that fit together called the key retainer. If you are missing any of the parts, you will not be able to fix the key.

Assemble the key retainer. The two pieces of the key retainer fit together with small plastic pegs. In looking at the key retainer, it should be relatively clear how it snaps together. (See "Additional Resources," below, for links with pictures.) There is a good chance the key retainer will still be attached to the enovo Keyboard   its proper place when a key falls off. If this is the case, leave it there. If the retainer comes off with the key cap (if it is still attached to the back of the key cap), snap it out of the key cap with tweezers.

Use tweezers to put the key retainer back in place on the  Lenovo G Series G455 Keyboard  . The key retainer should fit into a metal housing on the keyboard, which usually secures it in four points; one end of the key retainer slips under a couple of metal hooks and the other end snaps into place. If the key retainer did not come off in the first place, you will not have to do this step.

Press the key cap back onto the retainer. The key cap should snap and lock onto the mounted retainer under a minimal amount of pressure. Once it is in place, strike the key several times, comparing it to the other keys to make sure it is functioning normally.

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