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I've carried laptops around with me (practically everywhere) for the last thirteen years, but have never until now, had a laptop accessory -laptop cover sleeve(y) thing. Enter: ZAUM. A husband and wife team who design and create, among many things, (vegan) bags and sleeves to wrap your lap... top. All items are handmade with love... by people who love each other. Awesome. 

(You can scope their full lineup, here, including customizable options.)

The lovely Kimberly at Zaum (who is AWESOME and kind and wonderful) has offered to give away a laptop sleeve (like mine! or a different one!) to one lucky reader.

To win? Just leave a comment below. I'll pick one winner via next Friday, August (whoa, it's already August? wtf?) 3rd. Thanks everyone and good luck! 

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They are all fashionable laptop sleeve. I am looking for one and I think they satisfied my taste. This laptop sleeve for sure can protect my laptop like what I expect.