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I do love having the tennis on. There’s nothing like a bit of crowd cheering and ball striking to work along to… I find it quite inspiring actually. Watching the players fighting for every point, finding ways to raise their game and working to realise such a huge achievement. It spurs me on in someway ;-)


Which explains why I’ve been doing as much work as I can on my knee, in the lounge instead of the office this week! I perhaps shouldn’t admit to using my lovely mac book pro as a gluing table on occasions but I won’t be too ashamed as it lead to todays project idea!

I have one of the those hard, click on, Compatible Parts  such as laptop covers so I’ve taped onto that. I wouldn’t advise taping straight onto your laptop or of course taping underneath or around the sides where the specially cut holes are required for ventilation… just do the lid!!

To make it you’ll need - washi tape, scissors and one marked, tired, laptop case that’s seen too much prit stick (oops) ;-)


Step 1 ~ Start applying a stripes of white washi tape across the Compatible Parts  to create a base layer and help cover over the purple. Yes it would have been easier to take the top cover off to do this but I was also taking the pictures, on the phone, drinking a cup of tea and manoeuvring around pugs at my feet. I realised after the base layer and removed it to work on the stripes!

Step 2 ~ Apply the stripes in the same way, alternating between black and white and tucking the ends over and to the inside to keep the edges neat…

Step 3 ~ When you’ve applied all the tape you can re-apply to the laptop and voila… it looks brand new!

It looks soooo much better! No more gluing on my laptop from now on… promise ;-)

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